street football
panna and freestyle

what is KICKZ

street football

Some of the greatest players across the globe have grown up playing football on the streets… ball mastery, tricks, quick feet, confidence and amazing skills that transfer perfectly to the ‘normal’ game are all part of the Street Football world!

KICKZ sessions bottle the essence of Street Football whilst focusing on the delivery of skills, the building of confidence and the freedom of creativity.


‘Panna’ is the Dutch word which translates to ‘nutmeg’… by achieving a ‘Panna’ you can automatically win a 1v1 or 2v2 game which is traditionally played on the streets, in an octagon shaped arena with mini goals.

KICKZ sessions take the game which originates from Holland and use it to develop confidence, attacking and defending skills, quick feet and even quicker minds!


Freestyle Football is the art of self-expression through creatively juggling a football using different parts of the body. It combines football tricks, dance, acrobatics and music, and can be done individually or in pairs or small groups.

KICKZ sessions use the art of Freestyle Football to develop confidence and the ultimate in ball control and manipulation, all of which can be easily transferred into the convention game of football.

who it’s for

KICKZ has been developed for children aged 5-15 years old… with core sessions for 5-7’s, 8-11’s and 12-15’s. 

The aim of a KICKZ session is not to compete with those that are already delivered via Clubs and at Schools, we aim simply to provide an additional training environment which can develop confidence, skills and ultimately be a place to have fun!

Structured Plans…

The ultimate in flexibility!

Set plans and content are released with music every half term, these include warm-ups, drills, skills, game ideas and much, much more… There is no requirement to follow the plans, they’re simply there if you want them. All plans and associated support materials are delivered via the Kidztivity Instructors App.

Content is provided to target different age groups and ability levels, with adaptations and progressions to cover any audience!

Your KICKZ ‘Grab-Bag’

your class in a bag (or two!), take it anywhere you want!

Your KICKZ equipment ‘Grab-Bag’ will include the following:

Branded KICKZ Bag and Carry Sack, BlazePod (x6) plus accessories,  various Throw-Down Markers and Lines, Balls (different sizes), Mini Goals and Nets sand other various accessories.