what is GRIDZ

A circuit-based HIIT class for children and families. Led by music, facilitated by children’s activities staff and teachers. Using on-trend equipment and up-to-date music to inspire and enthuse…

who it’s for

GRIDZ is built for multiple audiences focusing on Children and Teenagers (8-11’s and 12-14’s) and Families (Parents and Kids 8-14 training together)

The programme targets children in one of the toughest age groups for retaining interest in physical activity, an age group where the children (or young adults!) are starting to make their own decisions on what they want to attend and why.

Customised Music…

Let the music take the lead!

GRIDZ has been developed with innovative and customised voice-overs and music-editing to help lead the class. Modules of circa 15-20 minutes are available based on 30/40 seconds of activity and circa 10-seconds of recovery. The music positions water breaks and includes safety points, countdowns and cool-downs. New music is released every half term to ensure on-trend delivery. Music is delivered via the Kidztivity Instructors App.

The modular development enables the delivery of different class lengths, from 1-hour classes involving 2-3 modules, to integration into holiday camps, promo sessions and birthday parties. Build out as you like and as best works for your timetable and programming.

Structured Plans…

The ultimate in flexibility!

Set plans are released with music every half term, these include circuit formats/layouts plus exercises, circuit cards and training videos. There is no requirement to follow the plans, they’re simply there if you want them. All plans and associated support materials are delivered via the Kidztivity Instructors App.

Structured plans are provided to target different sports like tennis or football and different focuses, like speed, strength, agility and coordination etc.

Your GRIDZ ‘Grab-Bag’

your class in a bag (or two!), take it anywhere you want!

Your GRIDZ equipment ‘Grab-Bag’ will include the following:

Branded GRIDZ Bag, BlazePod (x12) plus accessories, various Throw-Down Markers and Lines, Resistance Bands, Grid-Hurdles (x4), Skipping Ropes (x2), Aqua Bags (x2), Branded GRIDZ Yoga Mats, Hecostix (x2), Stability Boards (x2), Bins, Balls and other various accessories.